Multinail Announces Mango Tech and Spida Acquisition

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Multinail is pleased to announce the acquisition of MangoTech Australia and the New Zealand company Spida Machinery.
MangoTech and Spida are dynamic manufacturers of automation machinery primarily for the timber roof truss and wall panel/frame industry.
Multinail is a supplier of machinery, metal connectors, software and engineering services for the prefabricated timber building industry.
Multinail intends to maintain the Mango production facility in Melbourne until the operations, and staff, can be merged into Multinail’s purpose built 4,500 m2 (48,438 ft2) manufacturing facility.
This collaboration aims to increase the solid, global reputation for product development, innovation, service and support by drawing on the enormous experience the three companies have in the Pre-Fabricated Timber Truss Industry.
Spida will maintain all existing staff, management and manufacturing facilities and will continue to supply and service machinery from their base in Tauranga, New Zealand.
All contacts for Mango and Spida staff will remain unchanged and all supply, servicing and support of equipment shall continue without interruption.
Watch this space, exciting times are ahead!

“The mango and Spida businesses bring a range of innovative staff, contacts, Technology and machinery that will blend well with Multinail. Both businesses have long held the reputation for affordable and innovative automation solutions, and now coupled with Multinail’s reputation for high levels of quality and service, we believe the combined offering will set the market alight.”

Peter Taylor, CEO of the Multinail Group of companies commented.
Multinail’s Head office.

“With the combination of years of Innovative concepts and designs, and Multinail’s greater resources, we are looking to move significantly more volume of equipment worldwide over the coming years. This is a big deal for our industry.”

Warwick Porter, Director, Mangotech.

“This deal for Spida Machinery allows the development of new machinery whilst allowing greater volume through the joint group, which in the end, allows a greater ability to innovate and service whilst offering world competitive pricing”

Bevan Lines, Co-Director of Spida Machinery.
Tauranga, New Zealand.