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One of the key development strengths of The cornerstone project is the ability for a single designer to create a full timber structural design model for a building and then create full costings, design results, manufacturing data, management details and export information.

The cornerstone project also allows a single building to be designed by multiple designers at the same time (e.g. one designer focusing on roof trusses only, another designer focussing on wall frame and beam designs and another designer focused on floor truss set out and design). This functionality lets our users rapidly create estimates and detail results.

The link that makes both design options available is an incorporated engineering design unit, an incorporated load transfer/analysis unit, an incorporated  3D viewer plane solving unit and a central stock database. These common units within The cornerstone project provide a simple fast learning curve for users and let users easily copy and mirror/flip existing projects.

Users can access a detailed 3D view of all components so detailers can clearly view intersection details, product profiles as well as the inter-relationships between products. The 3D viewer also lets users view either the full structural model of the building or selected buildings/levels as required.

The Engineering Design engine - designs all timber manufactured products, like roof trusses and floor trusses, plus individual timber members, like beams and lintels are designed using Multinail's purpose built engineering engine. The Engineering Design unit performs two functions - designing the products as well as functioning as an editing tool. This allows detailers to quickly learn how to use the software as well as providing full engineering services as no external or 3rd party software is required to design timber products.

The stock database incorporated into The cornerstone project contains all materials used in the design of products and the costing of the project is drawn from this central database. The central database contains the following information that each truss and frame plant would supply:

  • All solid and manufactured timber products (including costs as well as engineering properties)
  • Metal products including nail plate
  • Ancillary items
  • Steel beams and channels
  • Bracing and flooring products (including costs as well as engineering properties)
  • A user-defined custom ancillary section for all extra items

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